Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LAG @ Sheep Shearing Day

We had a beautiful day for sheep shearing; weather was sunny and bright with a crisp wind blowing most of the day. For those of us working, it was a delight but for those wandering around, jackets were tightly buttoned and hoods pulled low for most of the day.

Fleeces are, again, magnificent this year and my woolies continue to produce wool that surpasses most everything I've ever seen. The whites are creamy and clear, the grays are silvery and throw sparkling light, the browns are rich and textured. All in all, another great year for Thistle Cove Farm fleeces.

Clinton Bell sheared and Daniel Miller caught the sheep. Both jobs are hard, require a lot of physical strength and seem, at times, unending but both men did a fine, fine job.
LAG members had a good day.
Mary Martin, basket maker, also helped skirt fleeces in exchange for me teaching her about the business. Mary has alpacas and is starting a fiber business. Her friend, Alice, on the left, also helped and enjoyed the day.
Bud Thompson, blacksmith, always has good stories to tell and kept people enthralled by both story and forge.
Larry Counts sold brooms as fast has he could make them; it's a good thing he had a supply to fall back upon! Charlie Butcher enjoyed telling people about making mountain dulcimers and even played a few tunes.

Larry mentioned the Lost Arts Guild and the opportunities the guild has afforded him. I'm delighted he's pleased. When I, Sandra, started this guild, about twelve years ago, my vision was for a group of crafters who do things the "old fashioned way". I wanted us to promote/market/sell ourselves and our products as well as to promote Appalachia in an excellent light. If you read our Missions Statement and "Who We are", you'll see what we're all about and why we do what we do.

All LAG members were handpicked and guild size kept deliberately small and the quality superb. That's the good news, however, at this point in time, the guild is closed to new members. Eventually, if guild members decide to have officers, terms of office, annual dues...iow, all those things that make up a "real" guild, membership could open up.

In the meantime, please tell others about the Lost Arts Guild, visit our blog often and, please consider, linking to us. When you do these things, you're helping keep "the old ways" alive and well. You're also casting your bread upon the waters, bringing good karma into your lives and we all know...what goes around, comes around. Let it be good!

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Leslie Shelor said...

Sounds like a wonderful day at Sheep Shearing! Looking forward to next year!