Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring at Greenberry House

Greenberry House
Greenberry House, Meadows of Dan, Virginia

At long last the sun is out and we're looking forward to a busy, busy season up here on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Meadows of Dan. This morning a local farmer got me out of bed with "two bags full" of glorious carded Coopworth sheep's wool. I'll be dyeing and putting that out on the shelves soon. I've enjoyed the winter, although I don't know how the time flew by so fast, but I'm looking forward to fiber-filled days here at the shop!

Members of the Lost Arts Guild are going to be busy this weekend at Sheep Shearing Day, which I wish I didn't have to miss! This will be the first in several years I haven't been able to attend, and I regret not getting the chance to plunge my hands deep in fresh, wonderful wool. I'm hoping for sunny skies over Tazewell.

Next Thursday I'm heading to the Lambsburg Visitor's Center with several other Patrick County businesses, including Lost Arts Guild member Sue Shelor. We'll be talking about all the wonderful things there are to do in our little county and I'll be demonstrating how to spin some glorious roving made from the angora of my rabbits and some wonderful Corriedale sheep's wool. My shop specializes in hand spun, hand dyed yarns from Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee spinners and farmers, along with roving and raw fiber for hand spinners.

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