Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally Getting Started!!!

Hello Everyone,
I am Mary Martin, one of the Lost Art Guild's member, I do basket weaving. I come from an Appalachian culture that lived the simply life. I love this life style and practice it today. My dad was a basket weaver. I later decided to do basket weaving. It is one of the arts I truly enjoy as well as quilting, knitting, gardening and canning. I live near Bluefield, VA on three acres of land. I have alpacas for fiber and boy are they fun animals. I am learning to spin there fleece.
I have attached a photo of one basket I made, a Moses basket. I enjoy doing traditional and functional baskets. I hope to continue to post some pictures as time goes on. I also plan to be at sheep shearing day at Sandra's and will have baskets plus demonstrating basket weaving. Hope you can come as it is a fun day. Mary

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sheep Shearing Day Correction!


Please, forgive me but I've given an incorrect date for Sheep Shearing Day @ Thistle Cove Farm.

The correct day is *always* a Saturday and is 4 April 2009. All other information is good.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sheep Shearing Day @ Thistle Cove Farm

The 14th Annual Sheep Shearing Day @ Thistle Cove Farm takes place 5 April 2009. Clinton Bell, Master Shearer, starts shearing around 9 a.m. and finishes around 1 p.m. Our small flock of rare and primitive sheep include Shetlands, Romneys, Merinos and cross breeds. This is a working day on a farm; be a part of mountain community going back many generations.

Lost Arts Guild members are invited to demonstrate and sell their traditional Appalachian crafts. Hopefully, everyone will attend: Larry Counts - broom maker; Leslie Shelor - spinner; Linda Wright - spinner; Bud Thompson - blacksmithy; Mary Martin - basket maker; Charlie Butcher - luthier, Sue Shelor - gourd artist; Kevin Riddle - coppersmith; Richard Vogel - woodworker and Sandra Bennett, textile and fiber arts.

Hot food and drink will be sold by the Cove Community Association to support educational programs.

Directions found at Thistle Cove Farm website; updates at Thistle Cove Farm blog.

Service dogs only, please.