Friday, April 24, 2009


Boy have I been busy, busy, busy......making baskets. Not only for Sheep Shearing Day at ThistleCove Farm, but also for a convention in Bristol, VA. The Virginia Federation of Garden Club is having there annual convention and a local lady, Elena Combs, is being installed as the new state president. I was honored in being asked to be a vendor. I accepted and being my first large event, am not sure what to expect. So, I have been weaving baskets like crazy. Also not knowing how many to do, I have done 30 different baskets. The picture above is a sample of some as well from previous blog. So if you are in the neighborhood in Bristol this Sunday, April 26 and Monday, April 27, I will be at the Holiday Inn, stop by and say hello, would love to meet you.

Also if you missed Sheep Shearing Day, you missed a great day. The sun was shinning, the sheep got sheared and we had a blast. Seven vendors, if I counted correctly, were there. A good crowd of people came and all had a great time. We also stayed for dinner at Sandra's and had a wonderful meal as well as visit. So make sure next year you set the date and come for the fun.