Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sheep Shearing Day 2010

~ Clinton Bell shearing a rare breed Shetland sheep ~

Sheep Shearing Day is 10 April 2010 and open to the public, gratis.

Shearing begins around 9 a.m. and, Master Shearer, Clinton Bell is finished by 12:00 or 1:00. Clinton answers questions and allows photographs as he shears Thistle Cove Farm's small flock of rare breed Shetland, Romney, Merino and crossbred sheep. All sheep are kept for fleece only; Thistle Cove Farm is a no-kill farm and all animals earn their keep by providing unconditional love and fiber.

~ skirting fleeces ~

Lost Arts Guild members demonstrate and sell hand crafted goods all day and may include spinners making yarn from wool, a basket maker making old timey baskets that are as beautiful as they are useful; the blacksmith pounding on his forge while he entertains with stories of by-gone years; the dulcimer maker explains just how ancient is his favored instrument and he'll even play a tune or three; the gourd maker showcases her beautiful hand decorated and home grown gourds and a quilter showcases her hand sewn quilts.

For a modest fee, a photographer will be on hand to photograph you and/or your children with spring lambs.
~ Mary feeding a spring lamb ~

The Cove Community Association will sell hot food and drink with profits going toward educational programs in the community.

It's a great fun day for the family as long as the family members have only two legs. Sorry but service dogs only, please, as this is a working farm. Dress warmly, in layers, as it usually starts out cold and warms up as the day wears on. We've gone from snow flurries in the morning to sunny, warm skies in the afternoon. Make sure you have hat, coat, gloves and scarf with comfortable shoes upon your feet.

Directions to the farm may be found at the TCF website; for more information, please visit the TCF blog.

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